About Us


I am admittedly your typical stereotype Texan! I am for all things Texas, the star, the flag, the heat, the humidity, droughts ended only by floods, but my most favorite is the almost arrogant sense of Pride that comes with announcing yourself as a Texan.    I believe that there is no better place to build a family and I think our people are the best neighbors in the country.  Lone Star Pride was established when I recognized our communities deserved better.  It was evident to me that the home improvement industry, specifically fencing, was lacking quality, int The attributes of being a Texan that I used my whole life to build my character were a perfect fit for the framework of how to run a successful customer service business and are the core values and guiding principles of how we operate every day. With every milestone, we meet on our ascent to being the leader in our industry we hold tight to our roots.

Our mantra is that we will not earn your business by submitting the cheapest bid for your project, but we will earn it creating the highest value by offering you the absolute best rates for the highest quality finished products. The Lone Star Pride badge represents for you an investment that will look great and be enjoyed for years, and for us another successful project we can be proud of.